Chevy Sonic – Coming This Fall

Chevy has some plans for this fall – the all-new Chevy Sonic.  The Sonic is a turbocharged replacement of the Chevy Aveo. So far it looks good. Many of the details are still unknown but Chevy has posted several pictures and some tantalizing tidbits on its website.

“The Sonic represents a new beginning for Chevrolet in the small car segment and so we felt it was time to give it a new name,” said Chris Perry, vice president, Chevrolet U.S. Marketing. “The new car is roomy, stylish and fun to drive, and Sonic is a youthful, energetic name that helps convey what this vehicle is about.”

It looks like the car will feature still be available in a hatchback but the inside design now features “motorcycle designed instruments,” and a 1.4-liter engine. Chevy calls the six-speed manual transmission vehicle a “driving force.”  Other features will include 10 standard air bags, stability and traction control, OnStar Directions and Connections, Turn by Turn Navigation, Bluetooth, and XM Satellite Radio. We can’t wait to see it.

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Heater Wars – Who’s Right?

When the weather is cold do you blast the heat right away or wait until the car is warmed up? Which one gets you the warm car faster? Chances are you have a very strong opinion.

Some argue that turning the heat on immediately means displacing the coolant fluid to the heater core resulting in a longer amount of time before the car heats up. Others point out that today’s cars have computers that don’t allow this to happen.

If you share a car with anyone – you’ve probably had this argument numerous times – or at least gritted your teeth if the driver has claimed power over the heat.

Some reports claim that leaving the heat off results in getting full heat two minutes sooner. That’s not much – but when you’re freezing, it can seem like a lifetime.

So what’s the answer? The truth is, any difference in heating time is negligible. So in the end it’s up to you. Or, just get in the car and start driving.

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Buy A Chevy – Save the World

You’ve no doubt heard all about the Volt and probably think it’s a great idea but it’s not the right type of car for your family. No problem. Did you know that buying any Chevrolet means contributing to the world’s ecology in a favorable way?

That’s right, starting now when you purchase any Chevy the company will contribute to renewable energy programs (like wind farms and solar energy programs), energy efficiency programs (like weatherization and retrofits), and tree planting efforts across America.

What will these efforts result in? How about reducing carbon by 8 million metric tons over the next few years! Now that’s a breathe of fresh air.

See more about the program at

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Winter Driving Tips

Winter’s not over yet – not by a long shot. It’s important, no matter how long you’ve been driving, to remind yourself of safe winter driving habits. Every year, AAA puts out a list of tips. These include:

Don’t drive when you’re really tired. This is a good one no matter what time of year you drive. When you’re tired, your reaction time slows and you also can’t focus as much on the task at hand as you can when you’re alert.

If you have a garage, pull your vehicle out of the garage before warming it up. Even if you leave the door open, fumes can accumulate inside the garage and the vehicle.

Do you know how to check the tire pressure in your car? If you don’t you should find out. Properly inflated tires can help your car perform the way it was designed to.

If you are replacing tires on your car, make sure they are either all radial or all another kind – never mix the two.

With the chilly temperatures, always keep your gas tank at least half way filled. This reduces the risk of a freezing gas line.

Finally, it doesn’t matter if you’re going around the corner or on a 500 mile odyssey, put your seat belt on.

Not sure of your car’s safety features or recommended operations? Your owner’s manual contains a lot of information you should know about your car. So get a cup of warm cocoa, snuggle up and look through it.

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